What do you think about the idea of cloning people or pets?

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What I know is that, cloning is a technique scientists use in the lab to make exact genetic copies of living things. Often they take DNA from a living creature and insert it into a carrier like bacteria or yeast to clone genes, that they use in many ways. In 1996, Scottish scientists cloned a sheep they named Dolly. She was the first animal cloned using an udder cell taken from an adult sheep. Today scientists are cloning cows, cats, deer, horses, and other different animals. Researchers use the cloning of animals in a number of different applications. For example, to have gene mutations that help scientists study diseases. Livestock like cows and pigs, are cloned to produce more milk or meat. But, we never cloned a human, because it's difficult to produce a viable clone. In each attempt, there are a lot of genetic mistakes that prevent the clone from surviving. At the same time, we also have ethical concerns about cloning a human being.
I'm against it. I don't like how we can clone people and animals. To me, it seems like that's going too far and it isn't ethical. First off, it can cause problems for the animal. It decreases their lifespan and they can have disabilities if they weren't cloned perfectly. This doesn't seem right to me. Also, humans can't consent to being a clone. How would you feel if you were one? I know I wouldn't like being made for scientific research purposes; I would want to be my own person. While cloning is a very neat thing, I do not believe it is ethical. Therefore, I am against it in both humans and animals.
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