Does it get harder to make friends as you get older? Why?

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If making friends means to go out and find a chance to make friends, it may be harder. Different from younger age, we may have to use more time for family, house, other. Also, new friendship may not be as close as that we had in younger age. Don't forget we could feel bothering to new relationship as we get old
I think it's like this. With age, many inherent things have been identified. It takes a lot of things to make a new friendship. And the older people, the more things they experience, which will make them afraid of building new relationships. However, everything is not inevitable. There is an old saying in China that "white heads are as new, and the coverage is as old" 白头如新,倾盖如故
It really depends on what your definition of the word, 'friend' is. Since my 30s, I've made many new friends, but understandably I don't feel as close and tight with them as the friends I made in my late teens or early 20s. This could change with time, however. I agree that it gets harder to make friends as those friends already have their own friends and at some point people don't want new friends and simply tap out. Since many people are already married in their 30s, it also gets harder to create those shared memories (at a party, trip, etc) that really strengthen and mold friendships.
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