What do you think happens to the soul after death?

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Many people think that death is not the end, so we'll continue to live after we die. This plan can provide comfort and peace about death. But, what happens when we die? According to Christianism, when we die, our spirit, and body separate. Our spirit is the essence of who we were in our lives. After we die, it goes to the spirit world. The spirit world is a waiting period until our spirit receives the gift of a future resurrection. Every one that had a pre-death experience, they had a feeling of disconnection comes over him, a sense of being outside himself. Perhaps he encounters a gate, a door, a tunnel through other worlds that look and feel to him more real than our world. These realms are both familiar and strange. After they back between us. They tell their stories to the masses, and always Heaven is real in their proclaims.
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