What is your favourite game to play? Why?

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Mi juega favorita para jugar afuera es futbol porque es un deporte muy divertida y interesante. Futbol es muy divertida porque puedes jugar con otros personas o tus amigos que quieren. Tienes versions différentes para jugar y hace competitiva tambien. Mi juega de la mesa favorita es Risk porque es una juega que muy competitiva y te necesitas que tu piensas inteligente. Es un juega perfecta para tu familia o amigos.
My favourite game to play is Chess. I've played Chess since childhood. I like playing Chess because it exercise many facets of my brain. It's calm and peaceful. It's strategic and it feels like a gym for my brain. Also, Chess has a very rich and fascinating history and is known to be a game for intellectuals and elites. Many famous world leaders (current and present) used to play chess. In some ways, chess is more than just a game. It's war. It's life. It's a lot more exciting than the stereotypes about it.
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