Name at least two or three occupations you could never do? Why?

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1. Police Officer: I have the utmost respect for cops and think the job they do to protect our society is amazing. But you know what? I’d never want to do their job even for a day. I listen to a lot of horrific stories in my line of work but cops see what I hear, first-hand. Doctor: Apart from the fact that I was not a fan of biology and feel queasy at the sight of blood, the responsibility that comes with being a doctor has never been something I’ve wanted.
Of course, in the beginning, I have to say that everything can change in the future and even if I don't like some things now, I may do it later. My motto is: never say never. But let's go back to the main topic. I know that I will never be a chef I can't cook and I even don't know how to make any food and other people will die... I also couldn't be a professional driver, I have motion sickness and I could throw up to the customer. And at least a pilot... It is important to take every passenger from taking-off to landing healthy. It's a big responsibility to do that.
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